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How CodeProfiler for ABAP works
Live online or presence
Basis administrators often have basic ABAP knowledge, for example, and ABAP developers know the basics of SAP Basis. Nevertheless, the two fields of activity are usually organizationally separated in the company.

In order to demonstrate the necessary open spaces and capacities and also to demonstrate the innovative power of the SAP basis, regular reporting to the CIO or the management is recommended. If a product or technology is successfully evaluated, this can also be published as a success story within the framework of SAPBasis marketing (see chapter 7.4 in the Master's thesis) within the company.
Proactive and continuous optimization of system availability and performance
The presentation layer is used to visualize the applications and data for the user. The presentation is done with the help of a graphical user interface (GUI). Furthermore, the presentation view consists of several modules, which are also summarized as SAP GUI. SAP Fiori is the presentation layer of the next generation and is therefore particularly user-friendly.

Every SAP system architecture is as individual as the company itself. Full planning, including hardware sizing, is therefore essential. These services are included here:

Tools such as "Shortcut for SAP Systems" are extremely useful in basic administration.

He or she accompanies maintenance work and intervenes in special situations, such as poor performance.

But also fluctuation or new hires are suitable for the conversion and establishment of the new roles.
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