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How to create a parameter transaction for the SM30
In the context of the SAP basis, the deployment of an SAP application server for any SAP system can be used as an example. Parameters include processor count, memory, disk space, operating system, and run-time environment.

In the ERP environment, SAP has created a separate module for each business task area over the course of time. Companies have the option of putting together a suitable system from these modules, depending on their individual needs.
SM19 Security audit
Planning ahead: Ideally, your SAP system administrator should make the necessary adjustments to your system landscape before end users are affected. This requires careful planning and anticipation of long-term trends.

As we explained in SAP Basis, your SAP Basis administrator (or team) is directly responsible for keeping your SAP landscape healthy, online, and up-to-date. This includes:

Tools such as "Shortcut for SAP Systems" are extremely useful in basic administration.

Hosting environments and third-party offerings have also contributed to these improvements.

This is partly because the solutions are already known in advance and the necessary knowledge exists or is already planned.
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