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Update more efficiently
Efficient options for SAP system copies
For virtually all customers using SAP Business Suite (including All-in-One solutions), the creation of SAP system copies is in and of itself a firmly established task area. In concrete terms, the doing usually has to be performed by the SAP Basis within IT, in addition to many other activities.

The database import can be performed using various tools. Sapinstaller provides a working way to import the database cleanly.
Before shutting down the target system
Heterogeneous system copy: As the name suggests, the operating system and/or database on the source and target systems are different. One takes thus in the context of the copy a platform change. This procedure is currently gaining in relevance, as it is required for the migration from SAP ERP to S/4HANA. If the current system runs on Windows Server and SQL Server or Oracle, the target system must now run on Linux and SAP Hana.

Installation continues until the 'Load Data' phase. Here the program waits for successfully exported packages and starts the import as soon as a package has been exported.

Tools such as "Shortcut for SAP Systems" are extremely useful in SAP system copy.

This is also the case when switching from one Any DB to another or when moving from an Any DB to Hana.

R3SETUP/R3load: - SAP standard method - up to and including Basis Release 4.6D - OS and DB independent - for homogeneous and heterogeneous copies.
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